Young Thug’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out


Young Thug and his first baby mama have a history of disagreeing and drama. Whether it be their daughter unsafely driving a car as a child, or sending shots at each other on Twitter, she and Thug hardly ever see eye to eye. 

Most recently, it seems that Thug is certainly the one at fault. His baby mama, who goes by @my3whatmatter1 on Twitter, went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday (March 2) with claims that he has been an absent father and not doing his share with their daughter. In one tweet, she mentioned how their daughter has had panic attacks and asthma attacks because of this neglect, and has needed to go to the hospital constantly: “I have been to the emergency room 5 times in one month because a child stress and having panic attack and asthma attack all because her daddy don’t want to talk to her and didn’t tell her happy (birthday).”

Additionally, she said she would do whatever she needs to do to protect her kids, and that she has been crying all month because of the recent turmoil: “I’m so stressed out, it don’t have nothing to do with money cause I’m gone keep that and take care my kids… I have cried all month like a sissy all my lashes gone and hair nappy but still I stand.”

It seems that somebody may need to whip Thugger into shape, and have him show up for his kids when they need him.

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