Young Guru Responds After Fans Believe Jay-Z Dissed Birdman

<> at the 40 / 40 Club on March 2, 2010 in New York City.

There are few rappers who have the world’s attention whenever they drop, and Jay-Z certainly sits at the top of that list. In recent times, his guest verses have simultaneously responded to online chatter, and “Neck And Wrist” made sure to address several topics, like Faizon Love’s 2020 comments about Hov’s authenticity or the “If Biggie was alive” conversations.

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While there are plenty of layers to Jay-Z’s bars, which is why he’s one of the greatest MCs of all time. Sometimes, fans aren’t coming to the correct conclusion when they deconstruct Jay’s lyrics. Young Guru hopped on Twitter after the song dropped, revealing one of his favorite lines on the song. “We not talking about this line enough, ‘I blue bird money, y’all talk in Twitter feeds’,” Guru tweeted. “It’s like 5 meanings here!!!!”

Of course, this led to plenty of fan theories with many suggesting that it’s a shot at Birdman. One fan tweeted, “Blue bird (Twitter). Blew Bird (Birdman) money. Blew bird (dope money). Ties it in “yal talk on Twitter feeds”. TOUGH.”

According to Guru, that isn’t entirely accurate. He quickly shut down any potential rumors of any lingering tension between Birdman and Jay-Z.

“I’m sorry but as many meanings as you can pull from this by no means is this a Birdman diss!!!” He responded.

Jay-Z and Birdman have had their rift in the past, though neither has taken shots at each other in recent times. It’s unclear if it’s water under the bridge but Guru insists that there’s no shade thrown at Baby on Push’s new record.


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