YNW Melly Case Update, It’s Not Looking Good


In February of 2019, rapper YNW Melly turned himself in for the murders of his friends, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. He and his accomplice, YNW Bortlen allegedly made the scene look like a drive-by before dropping the bodies off at the hospital. Since then, Bortlen has been released on house arrest, while Melly is still in prison awaiting his fate.

As the case continues to move forward, more evidence is being revealed. In most recent news concerning the suit, the judge has granted prosecutors the right to take pictures of the artist’s tattoos and use them as proof.

Handout/Getty Images

In a video posted by Mohammed Gangat, CEO of Lawyer for Workers, it is revealed, “The prosecutors say that that is going to be evidence that they are going to use to prove that one of the reasons behind this murder was a gang affiliation. Under Florida law, that’s an enhancement. It subjects you to, I think, the death penalty if you get convicted of murder with a gang connection.”

The “Murder On My Mind’ artist has tattoos on his face and body that all share different meanings. One in particular has caused a lot of controversy for the artist. On his neck is the name “Jana.” Jana Thompson is the mother of YNW Sakchaser, one of the victims for whom Melly is on trial.

Aside from the admission of his tattoos into evidence, Gangat also added that there are more motions coming before the official trial begins. “This coming week, the judge is going hear a motion seeking to exclude the prosecution’s expert witness who says that the fatal shots came from the backseat.”


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