Wack 100 Say’s Tupac “Died A Legend” While Biggie Did Not


We’re back with another hot take from Wack 100 and music fans are in heated debates about this one. We’ve repeatedly reported on the music manager’s often controversial comments and revelations, but he took things up a notch by dropping off a few thoughts on a couple of music legends. The Game recently visited Drink Champs and while there, Wack 100 joined him. 

During the chat, Wack suggested that Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle died legends, while The Notorious B.I.G. did not.

Tupac Shakur
Al Pereira / Contributor / Getty Images

“Tupac died a legend, Biggie didn’t,” Wack argued. “His body of work—movies, double CDS, albums that went quadruple… He was dead before his first album came out—” It was here that Wack was interrupted and corrected. “Second album. He became [a legend]. Over the years, motherf*ckas remake the songs, he became that.” Biggie was also murdered just prior to the release of his sophomore album.

Wack also argued that before Nipsey can receive that same legendary status but first, there needs to be more films and music centered around him. Noreaga wanted him to define what a “legend” is.”

“We’re talking music…” said Wack before The Game chimed in with a question.

“Do we know how long Jesus was giving n*ggas the gospel before Judas ran him into the Romans and they killed him? Was it long?” the rapper asked. “Was Jesus on his first album or second album?” Watch the clip below.


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