Wack 100 Claps Back At Jay Electronica “The Man Of No Hits”

Wack 100 Jay Electronica

Those Clubhouse chats have once again got Wack 100 in hot water, and this time it’s with Jay Electronica. The controversial music manager is no stranger to ruffling feathers and we previously reported on his comments about the 1995 Million Man March that rubbed Jay Electronica the wrong way. “I’ve always scratched my head about that Million Man March. I’ve never seen nothing come up. I question that. You know me, I’ma call a spade a spade. Where that money went?” Wack said during a Clubhouse call with Brother Ben X.

“That was orchestrated by the Nation of Islam. The money was administered by the Nation of Islam,” Wack continued. “It was supposed to be this, this, and that. I thought I was going to see some schools or maybe some type of funding for child resources. The Million Man March came, a bunch of people raised a bunch of money, and then… We didn’t hear nothing.”

Jay came in full force to call out Wack for questioning the Nation of Islam’s efforts, but Wack was quick with a scathing response. “THE MAN OF NO HITS..EAT A [sliced cucumber emoji]. NOW PRESS DAT,” he wrote along with a screenshot of Jay’s post.

“Your Nobody to ask I asked the man in front of me @brotherbenx and he answered the question,” Wack added. “I’ve never known the N.O.I to duck a question. That’s what their there for to educate am I not right? You strike back with anger because a Black Man asked another Black Man a question to gain understandingâ€¼ï¸ Your fresh out of Ramadan with this behavior with this attitude â€¼ï¸ Poor representation of what this movement stands for.”

Check it out below.

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