Von Gotti – Now Or Never @ymdg_gotti

I’m Von Gotti, a local female artist from louisville,ky! i just dropped my 1st album “Now Or Never” on February 22nd 2022, click the link to hear more!
This Album was all about the journey i went through during the start of my music career, being born and raised in louisville,ky isn’t as easy as some may make it seem! most don’t make it out, i found love for music at a very young age, i’m 22 years old now i figured it was time to give it my all, you know? go hard or go home, “Now Or Never” was the 1st name that came to mind for my 1st album and it stuck it with me. but this is only the beginning! there’s plenty more to come! remember my name! “Von Gotti” i write every song i record, on my own! including the 10 songs on my album no features! all me! Stayed tuned!

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