Virgin Kolada – Satoshi Nakamoto @VirginKolada


‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ is the debut single from the Nigerian artist B-Will’s new project as VIRGIN KOLADA. With this new moniker, he’s making a mark with distinct hip-hop and afro-drill music, mixed with the sounds of traditional African instruments, such as the shekere and balafon. For those aware of the expansive world of internet economy the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ will be all-too-familiar as the enigmatic founder of Bitcoin, something which VIRGIN KOLADA really respects, as it’s enabled many people on the African continent, as well as across the world, to generate money from crypto currency.

The artist’s excitement for this interconnected world of online finance and the ability to level up his monetary life comes through in the epic energy that kicks off the track. VIRGIN KOLADA’s direct and patterned vocal flow is an anchor point throughout the dynamic track, as the mixture of digital and organic textures comes together to create an engaging listen. The more keen-eared listener will pick up on the lyrics, “WE ARE ANONYMOUS , WE ARE LEGIONS , WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGIVE ”, which is the motto of the vigilante internet community Anonymous, a group of white-hat hackers who seek to create a system of justice online and are also backed by the crypto king Nakamoto.


‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was produced by VT Kingsville and mastered by Samsnay.

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