Video Footage Shows Aftermath Of Blac Chyna Allegedly Kicking Woman In Stomach

Blac Chyna

A woman, by the name of Sequoya King, took to social media to make claims against the television personality. She argued that Blac Chyna, born Angela Renée White, assaulted her and destroyed her cell phone.

While at a bar in Los Angeles, the two women got into a verbal argument which allegedly transitioned into a physical altercation. It is said that the mother of two believed bystanders were recording her. She accused Sequoya of doing so, but she denied that claim.

Following their back and forth bickering, Sequoya told the Los Angeles Police Department that Chyna grabbed her phone out of her hand before smashing it onto the ground. She also noted that Chyna lunged at her, then moments later kicked her in the gut. According to Sequoya, Chyna’s friend separated the two before it could go any further.

Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Still agitated by the incident, Sequoya wrote a status on Facebook detailing the situation. “For those of you who missed my post earlier this morning I was assaulted by [Blac] Chyna,” her post started. “I have done everything to resolve the matter peacefully but at this point she has to be exposed!!! Stop doing drugs sis it’s not a good look.”

Now, just hours after news of the incident broke, video footage has surfaced that shows the event’s aftermath.

In the clips, Sequoya can be heard telling Chyna, “Fight me. Fight me,” as Chyna attempted to get farther away from the situation. Further into the footage, Sequoya asked her, “Did it make you feel good when you kicked me in my fat a** stomach?,” to which Chyna answered, “No, I did not.”

Watch the entire video down below.

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