V of 40M – Inferno @vof40m

V of 40M, aka the “Big M”, has been absolutely dynamic in his new form of HipHop – “revolutionary rap”. The Philadelphia born, Grifton built artist and activist just may be the bridge from not only North to South but also the streets to Black revolution. He made his debut with the song ‘No Church On Sunday’, and has excelled ever since despite his unusual content. The latter release ‘Inferno’ is a riot anthem suitable for a rooftop party, go figure. The overall meaning of the song carries the essence of Black power and rebellion, something rarely found in mainstream HipHop today and often shunned as “conscious”. Produced by Saint Cardona, it has the drill flavorings of Fivio Foreign crossed with the fiery tone and message of Malcolm X.
An ever daunting artist, V of 40M spearheads the “Forty Million Strong” camp. He’s also the face of 40M, a cause pushing to support millions of Black people in America and abroad. This message of 40M is clear in the ‘Inferno’, as V dives into everything from the streets to culture to politics and religion. With crazy wordplay and controversial lyrics, V of 40M never fails to impress any true HipHop head despite his claims of not being a “rapper”. ‘Inferno’, along with ‘No Church on Sunday’ (#NCOS) are currently available on all streaming platforms. As of now, he is slated to drop a mixtape later this year but has a series of singles coming soon so stay tuned.

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