Tyler, The Creator On NFTs: “It’s A F*cking Monkey In A Supreme Hoodie”


Although we are waist-deep in conversations regarding NFTs being the future, not everyone fully understands the concept. The Rap community has widely embraced this new wave as tech-savvy intellects discuss changes coming to social media with the rise of Web3, but Tyler, The Creator isn’t fully on board with the NFT craze. The rapper recently sat down with Converse for the company’s 2022 All Star Series, and in true fashion, he didn’t hold back during the lengthy, entertaining discussion.

The conversation drifted into picking Tyler’s brain about NFTs and he unashamedly expressed his confusion. “What the f*ck is a NFT?”

Tyler, The Creator
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“I paint at home, I play instruments,” he said. “I have a friend who’s making me speakers by hand right now. What the f*ck is a NFT?” There have been people who agree with Tyler and don’t understand the purpose of purchasing an image for upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars without tangible benefits of ownership like that of other forms of art. However, that isn’t necessarily the rapper’s gripe.

“None of the examples I’ve seen is, like, beautiful art,” Tyler explained. “It’s a f*cking monkey in a Supreme hoodie.” The hilarious take has gone viral, so check out clips of Tyler, The Creator’s sit-down with Converse below.


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