Tyler, The Creator Is Sick Of Fans


Tyler, The Creator is one of the biggest artists in music right now, and fans always seem to gravitate toward his performances. Tyler has proven himself to be an exceptional performer, and his stage shows are always a lot of fun. Despite this, Tyler does have one huge gripe with his fans, and it has everything to do with some people throwing items at him while he is up doing his thing.

“Stop throwing your shit on stage, i dont want it, now mid show i gotta move it, whats the logic fucking stop thanks b,” Tyler wrote on Twitter. Eventually, a fan shared an actual rant from a Tyler concert, in which he went off on the dangers of throwing things while he is in his element.

“I don’t understand the logic of throwing your shit up here,” Tyler said. “Not only for safety reasons; But bro, I don’t want your shit. I don’t want it. Like, not even being funny. Every show someone throws something up here, and I don’t understand the logic. Why do you think I want your shit? Then if I slip and break my foot…stop throwing that fucking shit up here bro. Now you look stupid. Now everyone around you is looking at you like [you’re] a real fucking idiot. Stop. Fuck. Fucking, dick-fuck.”

Eventually, Baby Keem chimed in on the whole ordeal, saying “Please stop dawg. Please.” Needless to say, Keem is in total agreement with Tyler.

So there you have it, folks. If you go to a Tyler concert, prepare to keep your belongings to yourself. It’s really not that hard.

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