Travis Scott Accused Of Violating Gag Order In Astroworld Fest LawSuit

HOUSTON, TEXAS - NOVEMBER 05: Travis Scott performs during 2021 Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 05, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Travis Scott is facing new accusations in the Astroworld Festival trial. Lawyers for the victims’ families have called out Scott for violating a gag order with the announcement of Project HEAL, a $5M initiative focused on event safety. Scott announced the initiative earlier this month, sparking outrage among those affected by the tragedy that took place at the 2021 festival.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bob Hillard, an attorney representing 9-year-old Ezra Blount, the youngest victim who died during the festival, claimed that Scott’s announcement addressed concert safety, which is one of the main concerns of the lawsuits. A gag order was put on the lawyers to solely discuss facts on the case rather if they choose to speak to the media. However, State District Judge Kristen Hawkins made it clear that no lawyers should make a case on social media or any other media platform. Hillard told the judge that  Scott “did affect and dent the power of your order” when he announced Project HEAL.

One of Travis Scott’s attorneys, Stephen Brody, pushed back against claims that Scott violated any orders in the case. Brody said the rapper has a history of giving back to his community and argued that preventing Scott from speaking on any issue is a violation of his free speech. Brody added, “to suggest somehow that speaking about those charitable initiatives … runs afoul of the publicity order … is certainly not something that would withstand scrutiny.

There’s a good chance that modifications to the gag order will pass in the coming weeks. Per AP news, attorneys for ABC News told Judge Hawkins that the gag order has prevented journalists and reporters from accurately reporting on the case, especially since lawyers are already hesitant to speak to the press.

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