Tino Szn – Drowning Out (Official Music Video) @TinoSzn


This music video was shot by foolwiththecamera and drew inspiration from the movie Love Don’t Cost a Thing. This is the second song off of the Album of the Year, Sentient. There is speculation that Tino Szn has the best posture in the game. Many fans of Tino Szn are saying that this is the music video of the year. This might be called a music video but Tino Szn is staring in his own movie. According to one of Tino Szn’s followers, this video was filmed just 30 feet away from the body of a 50-year-old man they hit while under the influence back in 2007. The body is buried under the tree in the back allegedly. Odds are this comment was a troll but you can never be too sure because this is America. In the span of 2 weeks Tino Szn has grown from almost 75k monthly listeners to almost a whopping 120k listeners as of August 18th. That’s what happens when you can make good music. The potential of Tino Szn is out of this world and he will be a staple in the music video soon because he is a great artist and a great producer.

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