The Kardashians Request Their Wealth Not Be Included In Case Against Blac Chyna


Ahead of their upcoming trial against Blac Chyna, the Kardashian sisters, Kris, and Kylie Jenner are demanding that their wealth not be used against them in court. Per documents obtained by Radar, the Kardashian/Jenner family is requesting for certain subjects to be off-limits at the trial. 

Chyna is suing her ex Rob Kardashian for allegedly posting explicit photos of her to his millions of followers after their breakup in 2017. She is also coming for his sisters as well, accusing them of spreading lies that she abused Rob. Court documents state that Chyna says Kris started the lie and then spread it to Kim. She also alleges that the Kardashians had a hand in getting her show Rob & Chyna canceled. E! did cancel her show despite being cleared for a second season. She claims that she lost out on almost $1M from the show and more from other deals as well.

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The family has since denied the allegation against them and argues that Chyna has no issue finding work. According to Radar, Khloe even looked into Chyna’s OnlyFans to prove it. Now as they prepare to see Chyna in court, the family has filed a motion to exclude any evidence that relates to their wealth. They believe that she should only be able to mention their wealth if the jury returns a verdict awarding damages.

A judge has yet to decide.

The Kardashians are preparing for the series premiere of their new show The Kardashians. The reality series will debut on Hulu on April 14.

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