Tee Grizzley Explains How Studying Law In Prison Helped With His Robbery Charge


Tee Grizzley, who spent 18 months behind bars for being charged with armed robbery in 2015, says that reading law books helped him with the case. Grizzley explained how he was able to argue about whether a sledgehammer should’ve been considered a weapon during a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.

“I didn’t think I was getting out,” Grizzley said of the dark time in his life. “Man, look I got n****s in there telling me, ‘You better take ten years if they try to give that to you.’”

Tee Grizzley
Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

From there, he explained that he began checking out law textbooks to learn about his case. Grizzley had been accused of being connected to a string of robberies at Michigan State University.

“They say we armed cause of the sledgehammer right?” Grizzley explained. “So I get in the law book. First thing I see I go to that type of shit, and they say, ‘You can only consider something a weapon if they use it to threaten somebody and demand something.’ I ain’t never told nobody I was gonna hit them with the hammer. I ain’t raised nobody or nothing. So they can’t say that that’s a weapon.”

He then took the idea to his lawyer, who admitted that Grizzley was right.

He recalled: “I told my lawyer that and my lawyer surprised like, ‘No you right.’ I’m like, ‘The fuck you mean I’m right? You knew this before me. I get to tell my co-defendant, ‘Look read the law book. Look at every case,’ and we end up getting up out that motherfucker.”

After getting out, Grizzley remained on parole until October 2016.

Check out Grizzley’s story on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast below.

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