Stunna 4 Vegas Denies Pulling Gun On DaBaby’s Former Artist KayyKilo


All of KayyKilo’s frustrations with DaBaby were aired out yesterday (July 13) on social media, but there was a mention that flew under the radar. KayyKilo was a reportedly signed to DaBaby, but last November, the pair hit a snag when it came time for her to release her mixtape, Cutthroat Love Letter. On the night that the record was released, DaBaby and DaniLeigh took over timelines after getting into an altercation on Livestream. KayyKilo stated that this overshadowed her release and caused her to face a wave of backlash from people who were upset with the North Carolina star.

However, it wasn’t only DaBaby that was mentioned by KayyKilo; she also alleged that at some point “last year,” she was involved in an incident with Stunna 4 Vegas, DaBaby’s other artist. According to the rapper, Stunna pulled a gun on her.

Stunna returned to deny the allegations.

“I put all Black women before anything. I will never harm Black women. Not the righteous ones, not the dirty ones… I wouldn’t harm none of ’em,” he said. “But the Black women [inaudible because he was eating in his clip]. My mama in this Live right now!… If I ever did some crazy sh*t to harm a female, my mama would get on my ass. She’d go to war with me.”

He added that he wasn’t there for a “story time” because he isn’t the type of person to get personal for clout. “We ain’t doin’ all this extra sh*t,” he said. “But I will speak up.” He added that “the narrative ain’t true.”

“Y’all can have shorty’s side of the story, run with it if you want. But just know, that sh*t happened last year, last year, and it ain’t happen how she said it happen. And last year when it happened, I’m pretty sure she was still a part of the camp, so now that she ain’t got sh*t goin’ on, she ain’t a part of the camp no more, she caught herself out here tryin’ to figure it out.”

“I’m sorry, I feel bad for whatever she’s going through,” said Stunna. “Please, help this woman, but she can leave me out of her mix, ’cause I don’t talk about her at all.”

Watch Stunna 4 Vegas explain his side of the story below.

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