Snootie Wild Has Been Shot & Killed In Houston


Snootie Wild was shot on Friday and fighting for his life in a Houston hospital.

Police arrived at the scene on Friday after being alerted of shots fired by the Shotspotter Program, ABC13 reported.

Snootie received CPR at the scene before being taken to an area hospital, authorities said.

“It looks like he backed in there (the ditch) accidentally. Then the other vehicle pulled up, and folks got out of the car,” Officer R. Willkens said.

“They were talking for a little bit, and then all of a sudden, gunfire went off. Only one shot, actually.”

Doctors reportedly gave the Memphis rapper a 50/50 chance of survival.

Police are looking for a man and woman believed to be suspects after the entire incident was apparently caught on camera by a neighbor.

Snootie, real name LePreston Porter, is best known for his hit song “Yayo” featuring Yo Gotti.

An initial statement posted on the rapper’s social media read: “Snootie is not DEAD! But he is fighting for his life.

“Out of respect for the family, please refrain from sharing anything that is not communicated through his official accounts. Thank you.”

Another post was shared later on Saturday that appeared to confirm Snootie died.

The rapper chillingly told how he felt like he was playing Russian Roulette with his life before reportedly being shot dead.

Police search for suspects in the shooting.

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