Snoop Dogg Might “Go Bald” After Being Roasted By Joyner Lucas


Joyner Lucas trolled Snoop Dogg over the state of his hair during a video posted on Lucas’ Instagram page on Tuesday. The ADHD rapper remarks in the clip that Snoop only has “three dreads left.”

“When you gonna cut your hair?” he asks. “When you get, like, three dreads left like Stevie? Are you gonna keep it? When you gonna cut that bitch off? ‘Cause you know your shit going back, n***a. I know you be in the mirror like, ‘Damn,’ everyday.”

Snoop Dogg, Joyner Lucas
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Snoop admitted: ” “I was saying this to my wife the other day, I might have to go bald head in a minute and wear wigs and shit. Fuck it. Now everybody else wearing motherfucking wigs. Get a whole motherfucking closet full of wigs. Let’s go perm today. We going dreadlocks, we going french braids, we want afros, we want flattops.”

While out of context, the clip appears to originate from a meeting between the two rappers, last November, when they both gifted jewelry to each other. At the time, Lucas gave Snoop a pendant featuring his parents, shortly after the death of his mother.

Lucas has dealt with hairline issues of his own during his career. Back in 2018, he asked Tory Lanez for help to fix his hair.

“@ToryLanez I begging you,” he wrote on social media at the time. “WTF is your surgeon’s number bro?! This isn’t funny anymore. I’m sorry for all those mean hairline jokes. SMH please help.”

Check out Lucas’s clip with Snoop below.

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