Snoop Dogg & Bobby Shmurda Are Plotting On Something


It’s been over a year since Bobby Shmurda was released from prison, and unfortunately, no new album has dropped. The singles he’s released have shown that he’s trying to find his footing in the rap game after its widespread evolution since his incarceration. Still, he’s remained persistent with his output with a slew of fans who are, at the very least, curious to hear what he has up his sleeves on his long-awaited major-label debut album.

 Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Though it’s unclear if an album will drop before the summer, he definitely has a few things up his sleeve. The rapper took to Instagram after linking up with Snoop Dogg where he revealed that they have something special up their sleeves.

“People love dogs so I went and got some priceless game from my big Dog we got some special coming soon,” he wrote, “and we leaving [dog prints] everywhere.”

It’s unclear what exactly they might be working on. Snoop has made some massive business plays in recent times, having acquired Death Row Records and immersing his business into NFTs and the Metaverse. Could Bobby also be leaping into the Metaverse with Snoop’s help?

Bobby Shmurda closed out 2021 with the release of his single, “Shmoney” ft Rowdy Rebel and Quavo which has been his most successful post-prison release so far.

Check out his post below.

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