Smokepurpp Wants Kanye West To Give Him $9 Million


Kanye West is one of the biggest artists in the world, and as a result, he also has a lot of money. The man is one of the few billionaires in the hip-hop world, and he can certainly afford to pay someone a few million for their hard work. Of course, Kanye is a very busy man which means it is very easy to forget who you owe money. As it turns out, Kanye has forgotten about Smokepurpp, or at least that’s what Smokepurpp is leading us to believe.

While taking to his Instagram yesterday, Smokepurpp called out Ye, stating that the rap legend owes him upwards of $9 million which is a pretty staggering amount. “And Kanye, n***a, you owe me like $9 million, n***a. Hit my line, n***a, or my lawyer’s gonna hit your lawyer,” Purpp said.For those who may be unaware, Smokepurpp was a huge influence on the song “I Love It” which featured his best friend, Lil Pump. Purpp has a writing credit on that song, and in an interview with No Jumper, Purpp even took full credit for the lyrics. With this context in mind, perhaps Purpp is looking to cash in on the 2019 hit that polarized so many fans.

It remains to be seen whether or not Kanye is going to entertain this callout.

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