Smokepurpp Performs In Front Of Nearly Empty Crowd On Boston Tour Date


The footage of Smokepurpp‘s live shows has been the furthest thing from flattering recently. Last week, a clip went viral of the Florida Jit rapper performing to a near-empty crowd at the Pontiac, MI venue, The Crowfoot. The rapper continued to perform in front of the audience but clapped back at the commentary with clips from other concerts with relatively packed crowds.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“Tour been lit DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE,” Smokepurpp wrote on IG. “I love what I do and ima give my fans a show regardless, I bet they won’t post this tho.. WE OUTSIDE!¡

Unfortunately, the Pontiac show wasn’t the only date on the We Outside tour that went left. The “Audi” artist was scheduled to perform at Boston’s Middle East venue on Sunday night where he was met with few fans that were ready for his performance. Some of them took to social media where they shared their accounts of what went down.

Photographer Kristopher Carter shared his account of what went down at the venue that evening. Describing the situation as a “disaster,” he explained that “it wasn’t the promoter’s fault, it wasn’t the DJ’s fault and it wasn’t the venue’s fault.” He said that Purpp practically stood on stage as songs from artists like XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD played before dropping his mic and leaving. Other reports said that he played a few songs unenthusiastically while a few claimed that he ditched a meet-and-greet to head to a strip club.

Check out some of the clips below.

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