Ronny Hunch – NOTMYFRIEND! @RonnyHunch


NOTMYFRIEND! is the second single from DIVE Part 1: COASTING, being released a week before the project. NOTMYFRIEND! blends elements of JID, Baby Keem, Vince Staples, and Kendrick Lamar to make an anthem about saying “fuck you” to fake friends, aka snakes. The project DIVE is a 3-part album featuring the first studio-recorded sounds from Ronny Huncho. The project was created less than a year after a near-death experience that sent him into a dark mental place. Inspired by Mac Miller’s Swimming, the project uses water as a metaphor for depression. The project’s 3 parts: COASTING, DROWNING, & FLOATING, all focus on different perspectives of what it’s like to be an artist dealing with anxiety and depression. COASTING was just released and is a sort of preview for the following two as only the two singles were studio recorded, the rest being self-created. DROWNING is a project that is centered around old-school classic hip-hop sounds and is in its final stages of studio recording, set to be released in the fall/winter. Ronny is a completely self-funded independent artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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