Rick Ross Won’t Eat Ass: “That Ain’t A Rozay Thing”


Rick Ross is an opinionated man. He’s voiced his thoughts on a myriad of topics, from crypto (which he believes is a bad idea) to private jets (which he believes are a bad idea).

Now, the Miami rapper is weighing in on the much-discussed topic of ass-eating. In a recent interview on the Beyond The Chair podcast, Ross stated definitively that the practice is not for him.

Rick Ross
James Gilbert/Getty Images

“I don’t really have no taste for ass,” Rick Ross said. When asked if he thinks he could ever develop an affinity for it, he stood resolute. “I know what I like,” he responded. “And I usually avoid the ass.” The hosts then pressed Ross, questioning whether he’s ever even done it as a “slip up.” Ross pondered the query for a moment, but his response was the same: “Nah.”

He continued to say that a “slip up” in that regard is probably not in fact a “slip up.” “If that’s what you did, you ain’t slip up,” he insisted, getting slightly worked up at the very idea. “From top to bottom is a very long way,” he continued. “I’m just letting you know, that ain’t a Rozay thing right there.”

The hosts relented, and said that they respected his decision even if they didn’t like it. Ross then pivoted, saying, “And I want you to respect getting peed on from your neck down.” He tried to continue by saying, “And if I splash your face…” but was overcome with laughter. Check out the entire interview below. Ross begins to discuss eating ass at 25:00.


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