Remy Ma Doesn’t Believe It’s Bad Thing For Female Rappers To Have Writers


There are several debatable hot topics Hip Hop and ghostwriters are definitely somewhere at the top of the list. Rap fans are split as it pertains to the significance of an artist writing their own rhymes, and purists often dismiss rappers who have been known to collaborate with writers. During her recent interview with Math Hoffa, Remy Ma was questioned about whether or not she believes that it is important for a female rapper to pen her own songs. 

“It’s not important,” said Remy. However, she admitted that no one has written for her and she wouldn’t allow anyone to do so. Remy said often, a producer may have a hook for a song already established, but she “likes the way [she] thinks and likes the way [her] mind works.”

“It’s not, that’s something that I had to learn,” she added. “It goes back with what I was saying earlier… When I wanted to just be nice, it doesn’t matter. Literally… I’ve written for other people.” Although she won’t have anyone pen her rhymes, she tripled down on it not being important for others and added, “Nobody writes better than me.”

“It’s something that I do. It’s my craft.” Now, just because she says it doesn’t matter in the industry if a woman doesn’t write her own rhymes, Remy Ma stated firmly that she will “look at you crazy” if she learns that a person didn’t create their own songs.

Check out the clip of Remy Ma speaking about women in Rap with ghostwriters below.

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