R. Kelly Slams Legal Team For Selecting Jurors Who Saw “Surviving R. Kelly”


R. Kelly called out his ex-legal team in a recently filed affidavit for allegedly allowing multiple jurors who “may” have watched Surviving R. Kelly. The documentary series recounted the long history of abuse allegations that have been made against Kelly.

“At certain points during jury selection, I did hear that some jurors may have seen the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries and that concerned me greatly,” Kelly wrote, according to the New York Daily News. “I raised my concerns with my attorneys but they shooed me off. I was nothing more than a bystander in the process. … There was no strategy involved in choosing the jurors that sat on my jury as far as I could tell. At least there was no trial strategy that involved my input.”

R. Kelly, Trial
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Back in September, Kelly was found guilty of all counts in his massive federal racketeering and sex trafficking case. The prosecution accused Kelly of sexually abusing and grooming numerous underage individuals.

Kelly’s new lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, claims his client was never given a fair trial because of the release of Surviving R. Kelly.

“Because defendant was forced to defend against dozens of uncharged claims of abusive and sexual misbehavior—much of it lawful albeit unpalatable for some—defendant was stripped of the presumption of innocence and denied a fair trial,” Bonjean explained in a court memo last month. “But that is not all, Defendant was denied effective assistance of counsel when his attorneys failed to file adequate pre-trial objections to the introduction of the mass of overly prejudicial propensity evidence and routinely failed to lodge timely objections to some (although not all) of the damning bad-act evidence.”

Kelly’s sentencing is scheduled to take place on May 4. He faces a maximum of life in prison.

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