Pusha T Says Diddy’s Fingerprints Are All Over “It’s Almost Dry”


Pusha T emerged with his latest body of work, It’s Almost Dry on Friday. The rapper’s latest body of work, completely produced by Pharrell and Kanye West, has received nothing but praise across the board for both his bars and ear for beats. However, Push doesn’t solely credit the work of Pharrell and Ye for bringing his body of work to life. 

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Diddy shared his “review” of It’s Almost Dry on Instagram where he described the body of work as “magnifique” while “Just So You Remember” played in the background. Push shared the short video to his IG where he penned a lengthy caption praising Diddy for his contributions to the culture and all of the game he’s offered over the years. He explained that Diddy is a source of inspiration for each one of his projects, especially when he’s tapping into his inner Biggie Smalls.

“Anytime I’ve ever had a lack of inspiration, I searched for you. When I throw my voice in the studio, mimicking BIG, and the writers/fans notice…what they don’t know is, it was you in 2015 showing me how to turn the corner in those verses to add magic to the song,” Push wrote. He added that Diddy’s always shared his secrets over the years in different scenarios, from listening sessions as Puffy’s L.A. estate or the time they spent together in Miami.

“I say all this to let you know, although @pharrell and @kanyewest executive produced #ItsAlmostDry , it is your DNA, your fingerprints, and your spirit all over this muthafucka!! Thank you for everything @diddy,” he wrote.

Check out the post below and sound off with your favorite track on It’s Almost Dry in the comment section.

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