Pusha T Open To Doing Another Clipse Album


During a recent interview with Hot 97, Pusha T discussed his upcoming album It’s Almost Dry, going into the depths of what it was like working alongside his brother, No Malice, again. He even mentioned that he has a new verse from his brother on the anticipated drop.

“First of all, just being in the studio with him was amazing,” he explained to the hosts. “Already from ‘Punch Bowl,’ everybody was like, ‘I told y’all his brother was better than him!’ Like, that’s all the conversation is. It’s cool man, it’s cool! And when y’all hear this other verse, it’s crazy! Like, it’s so good. I’m glad we got in to do those two.”

At the beginning of March, Pusha T and No Malice appeared on Nigo’s new album, I Know NIGO! hopping on the track “Punch Bowl,” giving fans a renewed taste of Clipse. Pusha revealed he’s pushing for another Clipse album, but it’s dependent on his brother.

clipse 2006
Clipse, 2006 – Roger Kisby/Getty Images

“You know me, I’m pressing for an album,” he said. “I’m pressing. I mean, he’s just chilling. He’s not pressing. I do have the like, ‘Little brother, I can ask you to do things,’ thing. So, that’s how I got these. And it just made sense, you know, the Nigo thing. He was there. I was particular about that [being credited as Clipse] ’cause I wanted it to say ‘Clipse,’ let’s start…I just wanted him to see that.”

Check out the interview clip below. Stay tuned for updates on It’s Almost Dry.

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