Purple Moon – Way of Life @El_Purplemoon


So regarding the, behind the scenes, of this project, the song is about how I feel about the world in my eyes, and what I wanted to express in the song is, that a lot of the times we take people and experiences for granted and I wanted to pour all these thoughts into my music, where I speak about the running and the trying of catching our dreams, about doing almost everything and when we don’t achieve certain things that we wanted to do, it frustrates us and makes us lose our love for the smallest things, because we are so focused on achieving while being always bombarded by adverts, and the necessity of the next big thing that we sometimes forget our own identity, while theres people out there that have to work themselves out to even put food on the table, just different worlds that sometimes we forget while being so busy with ours. So that is just a little background of the song and what made me write it.

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