Preston Hudman and Kristina J Novak form a company called Google Rappers aka The Google Rapper @thegooglerapper


Google Rappers is a music label/marketing agency hybrid company that specializes in
NFT’s. Smh.

Preston Hudman announces that his family owned company is being revived and it’s called The Google Rapper as seen on Twitter here

Preston and his mom used to have a company called Tube Homie and now his mom is once again part owner of Google Rappers.

Preston’s mothers name is Kris Novak and she is not involved with the running of the business and is only the name on the paperwork. Google Rappers is a self styalized record
label/marketing agency hybrid company that specializes in NFT’s and getting people verified.

There was an article on thisis50 recently that you should check out here…

…it’s vabout a glitch that happens to only Mr. Hudman. Here are some ways to contact Preston
Hudman. 253-245-6529 bor or

If all this weren’t enough he has gotten 7 blue check mark badges in that many months and people have relied on him to get verified successfully. I’ve been reading his Getting verified is all i’m good at” series on his website and covered here…

(Born Nov 3 1985) Preston Hudman is an American Rapper/Influencer/ and social media
marketer who is known for his passion, that is to study Google. He even raps about Google
which has earned him the nickname The Google Rapper. Preston Hudman also helps people
grow on Instagram and Facebook by doing collaborations that go viral! Preston is also popular
in the Indian community and is an author for DailyHunt here…

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