Polo G’s Misdemeanor Arrest Charges Have Been Dropped

Shortly after the arrival of his Hall of Fame album, 23-year-old Polo G found himself in some legal trouble. As TMZ reports, the Chicago-born recording artist was arrested last year for allegedly attacking a cop during a traffic stop in June. An affidavit obtained by the outlet reveals that “the cop suffered abrasions to the face and a swollen right cheek.”

It’s been said that the officer “took multiple punches and elbow strikes to his head” as he was trying to cuff the rapper, resulting in his injuries. Back in November, it was reported that three of the recording artist’s charges – including two felonies for battery of a police officer and threatening a public servant – were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images

Up until now, the only charge remaining was for resisting an officer, which is classified as a non-violent misdemeanor and has since been dropped following Polo’s completion of a round of anger management classes.

The “Martin & Gina” artist reportedly recently wrapped up a 6-hour anger management course, which got his two counts of Resisting an Officer Without Violence tossed out, allowing him to (hopefully) put the incident behind him for good.

It’s worth noting that Polo G was cut a break as part of the Pre-Trial Intervention program, which allows for offenders with non-violent offences to have charges dropped following the completion of appropriate programs.

Seeing as the rapper didn’t plead guilty, he won’t be faced with probation. His lawyer, Bradford Cohen has revealed that Polo is “happy to put this behind him and get back into the studio,” also taking some time to thank Miami-Dade County’s State Attorney for her professionalism.


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