Pixelgod+SQUAD – HelloWorld XOXO @pixelgodxsquad @ValidateMag

HelloWorld XOXO is unique and the first of its kind.  Our goal is simple, to become one of the greatest soundtracks ever recorded. This journey began with a simple love for music and it has grown into
something amazing that will stand the test of time.  XOXO is the world’s first living soundtrack.  We are programmers and artists by using the best that man and AI have to offer we managed to engineer a unique sound.
Every song that we release will have a life of its own.  Many of your favorite songs will continue to evolve.  I have already delivered videos, clothing and games based on our music.
Next we perfect our system and continue to deliver to our fans perpetually.  Embrace the Chaos!

Twitter @pixelgodxsquad @ValidateMag

IG @pnbphotography

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