Official Gazhouz Trama features D-Nice – Hush @girecordsllc


Hush, a single perform by 2 x Billboard charting and 1 x ITUNES charting artist Official Gazhouz Trama and features D-Nice. The single was written by Andrew Drew Knibbs & Rachel E. Baxter both manager and co-managers of the artist. “Hush” is sleek, sexy, R&B thriller story with a touch of HipHop Rap swag to it. A story about the relationships that most people find themselves in. Your boo thang constantly gets jealous about a certain female or male friend or friends you kick it with. No matter how many times you tell the other person they just a friend, all that happens is the constant arguing back and forth. You wanna leave, but you can’t, seems there is something about the other person that keeps you not wanting to leave, so you stay, and it starts all over again, especially, every time that phone rings.

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