NLE Choppa Says Why He’s The “Hottest Youngin Since Youngboy,”


Despite NLE Choppa‘s past antics with his babymother and beef with other rappers, he has turned a new leaf in life. The young artist has become obsessed with educating his people and walking down a healthier, more spiritual path.

He references it in his more recent single, “Yak Flow,” that dropped April 1. While the song talks about his children and taking a different journey in life, there is one line that caught the attention of many.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The rapper stated, “The hottest youngin’ since YB, the hottest out my city.” Many fans assumed that this was a diss towards the Baton Rouge rapper. This wouldn’t be a shocker considering the recent feud the two have been in. As a refresher, NLE felt it was disrespectful for YB to speak on the death of King Von. Additionally, an alleged NBA fan got into a physical altercation with Choppa in an airport. Not only that, the “Make No Sense” rapper also put out a diss track regarding NLE. All of these instances have turned the two artists into enemies.

Nonetheless, in an effort to explain himself, NLE sent out a tweet to decipher what he meant by the line.

He wrote, “I’m 19, I blew up at 16, Sitting on 15 Platinum & Gold Plaques… Thats What ‘Hottest Youngin Since YB’ Mean. Not A Shoutout, JUST FACTS. Name another 19YR OLD.”

Fans quickly began to flood his replies from different angles. Some feel the comparison isn’t feasible, while others think it’s solid.

What is your opinion on the situation?

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