Nicki Minaj Says Future Told Her He’s Actually A Lightweight With Drugs


Atlanta rap icon Future is one of the most decorated artists in the world, breaking records through the course of his career with his numerous anthems. Previously, the rapper admitted that he was afraid to admit to his fans that he stopped drinking lean because drug use (and abuse) had become such a core theme in his music, also carrying over to his personal brand. While he still raps about drugs in almost every song, Future has widely diversified his lyrical content over the years. 

Speaking on the role that music superstars play in becoming role models to the youth, Nicki Minaj spoke about Future’s drug use in a recent interview, focusing on a conversation she had with the rapper where he revealed to her that he doesn’t take nearly as many drugs as it seems.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“I was one of the first people saying, ‘Oh, I’m not people’s parents.’ But now I get it, I look at it from a different perspective now because superstars inadvertently become role models, no matter what,” said Nicki during her talk with Joe Budden. “You can be the weirdest druggie in the world… if they like your music, they’re listening to it over and over. It’s programming. And they might try some of those things they hear you talk about. I remember I had a conversation with Future in the studio one time and he said something I’ll never forget, and he laughed while he said it. He was like, ‘Yeah, you know, people be thinking I’m really doing a lot of drugs because I rap about it all the time but they don’t even be knowing I’m a lightweight.’ I said, ‘Errr?’ in my head because there are a lot of people that are huge Future fans, for instance. And that’s how they’re going to feel closer to him because they’re doing what they’re hearing him rap about not knowing that he’s not like that.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, Nicki spoke about the scrutiny she faced in her early career because of how she looked, which resulted in her getting ass shots. Read about that here.

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