Nicki Minaj Poses In New Thirst Trap


Nicki Minaj‘s a** has been the talk of the town since 2010. In her most recent Instagram post, she doesn’t shy away from showing it off as she poses in one of her signature squats.

A few hours ago, the “Good Form” rapper posted on Instagram, seemingly drawing attention to her backside. Posing in only an oversized t-shirt, a thong, and pink heels, she captioned the seductive post with lyrics from her recent Lil Baby-assisted “Do We Have A Problem?,” followed by a link to her official website.

“Look @ my ankle. Look @ my wrist. This (#1 hand emoji) a pack. This (#1 hand emoji) a brick,” Nicki wrote. “That (#1 hand emoji) a OPP. That(#1 hand emoji) a LICK. This (#1 hand emoji) for POP. This (#1 hand emoji) for JUICE. I am the (#1 hand emoji). B!tch you a (peace sign emoji)”

Nicki is no stranger to showing off on her socials, whether it’s sharing adorable pictures of her son, posting about her 2019 marriage to Kenneth Petty, or going on Instagram live to talk about music and life with her Barbz. It wasn’t always this way though. Back in 2019, the rapper went on a social media hiatus, which left many fans wondering if the rapper was okay, or if she was trying to hide something from the public eye. Some of her fans even made missing person flyers for Nicki and hung them up around their local towns.

The hiatus came as a surprise to all, notably because Nicki is one of the few A-list artists that have always and continue to interact heavily with her core fans via social media. So, when they hadn’t heard from her for a while they were concerned, and rightfully so.

As we can see now, Nicki has long since been back on the socials and looking better than ever.

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