Nicki Minaj Gives Opinion On “Trendsetter”


Now that her official debut has hit streaming services, Coi Leray has officially arrived. However, that doesn’t mean that the rapper hadn’t already been storming the charts with her singles and taking over social media with viral moments thanks to her dedicated fanbase. Leray has endured quite a bit during her first few years in mainstream circles and throughout it all, she has appreciated all of the constructive advice and mentorship that has been offered. 

Recently, Leray and Nicki Minaj collided on their hit single “Blick Blick” and it was a collaboration that almost didn’t make it into the hands of music fans. Thankfully for Leray, her once-in-a-lifetime moment with Minaj was executed and since that time, the Rap icon has boasted about Leray’s talent.

People have been offering up their takes on Leray’s Trendsetter album and Minaj was not any different. She tweeted a few changes she would have made in order for Leray to stand out that much more.

“#NoMoreParties is too classic for y’all to leave the original off. It should’ve started the whole album,” wrote Minaj. The remix to the song featuring Lil Durk was included on Trendsetter instead. She added, “These r the songs I think Coi shines on & should’ve been higher on the tracklist” before giving her order.

#AyeYaiYai ft #YungBleu
Leray accepted the advice with open arms and replied, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YA SELECTS IS FIREEEEEEEEEEE.” What do you think of Trendsetter? Check out the exchange between Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray below.

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