Nicki Minaj Blasts Fan For Criticizing “We Go Up”: “What The F*ck Do You Look Like When You Lose Consciousness?”


Nicki Minaj isn’t accepting any slander of her Fivio Foreign collaboration, “We Go Up.” Earlier this weekend, the 39-year-old stitched a TikTok from a listener who called her out over her seemingly incorrect use of a medical term in the hit single.

The lyrics in question come from the verse, “I know they sleepin’ on me, bitches got epilepsy / I don’t do coke, little bitch, I don’t even do Pepsi, let’s see / How you don’t like me but tryna do everything like me? / That is what gets me (ooh).” As one listener points out, “epilepsy” may not have been the word that the mother of one was looking for.

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“Epilepsy is when you have seizures,” @rayxswift explained in his initial video. Although the rest of what he said got cut off by the “Stupid Hoe” rapper’s stitch, he wrote, “(Narcolepsy: a chronic sleep disorder that causes overwhelming daytime drowsiness)” on the screen to prove his point.

While we don’t see Minaj’s face in her response, we can tell by the tone of her voice that she was obviously annoyed after being called out. “Boyyyyyy,” she began. “What the f*ck do you look like when you lose consciousness? Webster’s Dictionary?”


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“If Nicki did this to me I would delete social media,” one viewer wrote in the comments on TikTok. “And need face reassignment surgery,” another user chimed in. “The Queen of Rap speaks facts,” someone else said.

From the looks of things, people seem to be divided on whether “narcolepsy” or “epilepsy” would be a better word choice for the song.


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