Nick Cannon Calls Ye Out For Dating His Ex Kim Kardashian, Claims He Introduced Them


Nick Cannon’s still defending his reputation as a “habitual spin-the-blocker.” The 41-year-old entertainment jack-of-all-trades recently spoke to The Hot Tee Talk Show about his love for Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey, but not without revealing a juicy backstory.

According to Cannon, who dated the reality TV titan years ago, Kim and her now ex-husband Kanye West met at Cannon’s 26th birthday party.

Cannon was first asked whether he’d “spin the block” with Kim Kardashian, to which he responded yes but defended her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. “She with my lil’ bro!” he exclaimed, “That’s Pete!” He then went on to explain how he got Kimye together.

“They might tell the story differently, but I think I’m the person that introduced Kim to Kanye. We were dating; she threw me my 26th birthday party  at my store on Melrose, and her and her mom threw me this dope party. I remember specifically my friend Kanye. I think I might’ve even introduced him as a party… It was me, Paris Hilton, Kim at my table, and I was like ‘Yo, let me introduce you to my man Kanye.'”

Kanye West saying hi to Nick Cannon at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game in L.A. – Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The “Wild ‘n Out” host claimed they got together off the bat and felt uncredited when Kanye talked about the relationship. To add insult to injury, Kim was Nick Cannon’s ex-girlfriend, but he didn’t ever get hostile with Kanye.

“To watch Kanye talk all that sh*t, I’m like ‘N***a, what about me?'” said Cannon. “I introduced you guys, that’s your wife and your baby mom. I was your friend, this was my girl, but y’all went on – but I never said anything, ’cause I’m not a messy n***a.”

Lars Niki/Getty Images

To hear Cannon reminisce on the relationship is surreal, especially given Kim and Kanye’s turbulent and public divorce process that’s fortunately mellowed out. But Kim wasn’t the only past flame that Cannon talked about, as Mariah Carey was inevitably brought up in the interview and he talked about how he would get back with her if he had the chance.

These comments on his ex-wife become less lustful and more sincere given Nick Cannon’s recent engagement to model Bre Tiesi. Nevertheless, you can check out the full episode of The Hot Tee Talk Show with Nick Cannon below for his expanded thoughts and feelings.

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