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With His Ambient Style, Up-and-Coming Artist Nevik Wright Will Take You to New Heights
Cruising through the city streets at night is never complete without groovy tunes to listen to. Upcoming hiphop artist Nevik Wright seeks to deliver the mood through the AUX with his finest musical features.

The name Nevik Wright had just started to make waves across the rap industry.
A something from nothing, he started producing music by himself in a makeshift home studio back in 2010. He collaborated with Lion Brothers Entertainment on his singles “Stay Strong” and “Sunshine,” and his love of music drove the humble lad from Kingston, Jamaica to the United Kingdom, where he continued to work on music production.
Throughout the years, Nevik Wright has been able to establish a style that merges Rap, Afrobeat, and Dancehall together, which sets him different from other mainstream artists. His debut independent track, “BILLYJANE,” released in 2021 in conjunction with Issy Suk, represents his creative vision and production skills, followed by another self-produced masterpiece entitled “Zeus.” Both were turning points in his career, opening gates to new opportunities. Both were pivotal moments in his career, allowing him to pursue new opportunities.

His latest single, “FIND HER KEEP HER,” fuses his captivating songwriting and musical skills as he draws from his own experiences and wisdom. Nevik Wright continues to share his creative perspective, attempting to explore further into complexities of his musical expression. His recent collaboration with Chrissy2Cute “VYBS & IT’S LITT,” Boukiestatic has made ripples on the internet, thanks to Grant body P from, RePPiN4U: Westwood and Goldfinger! Keep an eye on Nevik as he continues to exude the potential to shock the entire music industry.
VYBS & IT’S LITT is out now via Music City Digital Media. Stream it here!
Follow Nevik Wright on major platforms, including Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram, to learn more. Also visit the Nevik Wright official store to check out his merch!

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