Nas Praises Joey Bada$$ After Hearing His New Album, Nas Is “Inspired”


Gearing up to release his new album, Joey Bada$$ has ramped up the activity in the music department. Now, with one of the greatest rappers in Hip Hop history praising his upcoming work, he’s in a different mode.

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Joey Bada$$ is an incredibly talented lyricist with a slick, hypnotizing flow, very much capable of producing fantastic tracks. These attributes have been abundantly prevalent from a young age, with his 1999 mixtape (released when he was 17) regarded as one of the best of all time. His following projects B4.DA.$$ received critical acclaim as well, and showed expansion and progress in his arsenal.

2017’s All Amerikkkan Badass showed a slight dip in sales and critical appeal, as some didn’t enjoy the newer sonic direction. While Joey continued speaking on the potent topics he’s been known for throughout his career, many believed he was going the mainstream route, which was against the progression they expected of him. His singles since that time have been hit or miss with the Hip Hop community, solely on the basis of opinions on where he’s headed. The most recent of these tracks, “THE REV3NGE,” received lukewarm reviews from his early, as it strays from the hard hitting, looping lyrics people listen to Joey for, but great reviews from newcomers.

It seems as like fans in both factions have new reason for intrigue, though, as Nas himself gave props to Joey’s upcoming work. Joey took to Twitter to share how a recent encounter with the NY legend went down: “Played Nas some of the album and he said he was inspired. He also loved the next song I’m dropping for y’all, he called it ‘the perfect single.’ Meant a lot hearing that from the goat. New raps on the way.”


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