Mickey Rourke Fondly Remembers Tupac Shakur: “We Loved Each Other”


After a two-year delay, Bullet was released in 1996. The film starred Mickey Rourke, Donnie Wahlberg, Tupac Shakur, and many other notable names, and sadly, the Rap icon was unable to see the fruits of his labor because Bullet would arrive just one month after his death. Pac was gunned down during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September 1996, and aside from establishing himself as a formidable Rap star, he also was taking Hollywood by storm.

There have been several conversations in recent days about Tupac’s talents thanks to a controversial take by T-Pain, but he isn’t the only one discussing the late star. Rourke also shared a tidbit of his days with Shakur as he remembered his friend fondly.

Rourke recently visited Piers Morgan Uncensored where he spoke about the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp saga at length, but near the conclusion of the interview, Morgan asked the veteran actor what it was like partying with Tupac over two decades ago. The very question caused Rourke’s face to light up.

“We never saw the daylight,” the actor said after a chuckle. “I mean, I love him, I miss him. Daily. We were very similar. We had a lot of stuff in common and we loved each other, deeply. I think about him all the time. All the time. On a weekly basis.”

Watch Mickey Rourke’s interview in full below.

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