MGK Called Out Over Language Regarding Black Women In Controversial Resurfaced Video


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly is catching criticism after a clip of him from the 2012 BET Awards has resurfaced.

While being interviewed by a reporter on the red carpet, MGK made the claim that “black women give the best h*ad.” He continued by making the comparison that white women give average h*ad. “Black girls either give the best head or say you don’t give h*ad. White girls just give h*ad.”

Fed up with his both racist and sexist remarks, a black woman, who stood behind the reporter then walked away. The “Wild Boy” artist wasn’t feeling that too much. Upon noticing her leave, he heckled after her saying, “B*th walk the f*ck away then. You f*cking dirty, pig b*tch.”

mgk 2012 bet awards
MGK at the 2012 BET Awards – Jason Merritt/Getty Images 

After scoffing at her, he then went on to judge her appearance. He stated, “Weak a** dress and fake Louis Vuitton purse. I’ll go in on this b*tch.”

A Canadian singer by the name of Alice Glass is to blame for the video coming back to light. She posted the video to her Twitter account yesterday morning and gave a trigger warning before letting her followers know that the video was disturbing.

In the thread, Glass demanded answers for MGK’s behavior. She also accused him of appropriating black culture.

The journalist in question, Stephanie O., revealed herself in the Twitter thread. Apparently, she is unphased by the entire situation. She wrote “Girl give it a rest. I asked him a question and he answered. The end.”

Check out the clip that is circling the internet down below. Let us know what you make of it.


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