Meet – WhoIsTreyPound @WhoIs_TreyPound


Tell the people about yourself. 


Age: 27 Hometown: Oakland, California (Bay Area)

Oakland/Bay Area Artist, Producer & Entrepreneur ‘WhoIsTreyPound’ releases ‘LIAF Goes On’ as the 3rd installment to the ‘Life Isn’t Always Fair’ Series. Another Self produced project down to hard hitting or catchy bars from the artist, Trey continues to make a grand rise towards his earned spot in the game. While SIDE A to the project ‘LIAF Goes On’ Has been a success, Trey Releases video for ‘The Host’ (Single) Reaching More than 16K views on YouTube! While more music & visuals is yet to come, ‘LIAF Goes On’ Is out now and available on All Platforms!

Do you have any tips for artists? 

“No matter what you’ve gone through, Always value your work and what it’s worth. We all know that much doesn’t change overnight. However, your mindset can change overnight. You can wake up one day and the confidence you had the day prior is gone or You can wake up and get back to chasing the dream you once believed in. But, When you value work/art and understand it’s worth . . . there’s no real way you can lose. Life isn’t always fair and within every struggle there’s an opportunity. So keep working, your time will come soon”

How long have you been making music?

“Been Making music for the last 15 Years Honestly, It wasn’t always good but I had to grow of course. Now when I got tired of YouTube beats and heard people on the same instrumentals I’ve used, That’s when I starting taking producing more seriously back in 2013”

What are your music goals? 

“The main goal with music for me is to make an impact on the world. I’d be honored to have music in film/television and even sports events. As long as my contribution to worldwide growth/healing is through doing what I love and passionate about . . . That alone means a lot.”

Who or what inspires you to create music? 

“My Pops. My dad was a singer and I forever idolized his voice and passion for music which is why it made so much sense as to why he was as supportive and proud of me he was. Being a well known singer was his dream and though he has passed & transitioned into a much better place, I will ensure that his good spirit, voice & legacy lives through what he loved most . . . His Children & his love for music.”

We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 

“No order but these artists have all inspired me in different ways

– Nas

– Jay-Z

– Big Sean

– J Cole

– Drake

Where can people find your music?

IG @whois_treypound

Twitter @WhoIs_TreyPound


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