Meet Paypah Slem @paypahslem1134

Tell the people about yourself. 
My name is Paypah Slem I’m a Producer, Engineer, and Artist from Hammond Indiana but I been living in Florida since 2012.
How long have you been producing for?
I started off just being a rapper but I always wanted to make beats. But never had the chance until one day we payed for a studio session at the grind family studio and there was no producer for our session so I told them I got a little bit of knowledge about making beats I made my first 2 beats that day and I never looked back, I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.
What are your goals? 
My goals are to build my brand and become a super producer in the game and eventually a legendary producer.
Who or what inspires you? 
I used to get inspiration from watching other producers and artists in limelight. But since the birth of my daughter, my inspiration comes from her smile.
We had to ask… who are your top 5 producers? 
Wow!! This is a hard one but my top 5 producers not counting myself are
London on the track.
Metro Boomin.
Bricks Da Mane.
The Alchemist.
Just Blaze.
Where can people find you?
You can find me at

Twitter: @paypahslem1134

IG: @paypahslem
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