Meet – Mr. Reeves @MrReevesIzHere


Tell the people about yourself.

My name is Mr. Reeves, I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to Newark,NJ as a child. I was taught to DeeJay  when I was young & loved creative writing. During my teen years, I started  making beats & working out of recording studios. This lead to me Producing for other artists & eventually releasing projects of my own.

Do you have any tips for artists? 
My tips for artists are to research & then apply what you’ve learned.  Don’t burn bridges.  Keep pushin’ even when you feel discouraged.
How long have you been making music?
I’ve been been making music since childhood really. Writing songs when i was a little kid, making homemade demo’s before even seeing the inside of a recording studio.
What are your music goals? 
My Music Goals are to the best music I can & increase the awareness of Mr. Reeves as a artist/writer/ & producer.
Who or what inspires you to create music? 
Who or What Inspires me musically?  I’m inspired by the artists/producers that came before me. I’m inspired by love, hate, life itself really.
We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 
My Top 5 artists? That’s a tough one lol I have so many artists that I love.  Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Big Daddy Kane, JCole,WuTang Clan.
Where can people find your music?
People can find me my music on &
My IG/Twitter is:@ MrReevesIzHere
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