Meet JONA VARK @jonavaark


Tell the people about yourself. 

My stage name is JONA VARK. I’m 23 years old and I’m a first generation Honduran-American born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. I grew up in a very Hispanic household; lots of music every morning and sunshine. I didn’t learn English until the third grade so it was difficult for me to really engage around other people that didn’t speak Spanish.

Do you have any tips for artists? 

I’ll always say to make sure you’re not afraid of the mic and be confident when you start singing/rapping. You can always tell when you’re not putting yourself into it.

How long have you been making music?

I started in college, when I was only using my phone to record my voice. I finally decided to pursue it more professionally in 2020, when I rebranded under JONA.

What are your music goals? 

For a long time, I bottled up my emotions and never let them out in a healthy way, and with music, it’s an escape and a fresh of breath air. My goal is to inspire people and let people know their emotions are valid, & maybe my story could be their fresh of breath of air.

Who or what inspires you to create music? 

My brother was part of local rap duo in New Orleans under BootUpNHustle, and growing up, I would see him make music and that heavily inspired me. There is a poetry to music that is unique to every artist that goes beyond the lyricism; everything comes from the heart, and that’s what drives me.

We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 

At the moment, I’m really into Elliot Trent, Joe Trufant, Bad Bunny, Bad Gyal & Doechii.

Where can people find your music?

My music’s available on all streaming platforms. You can check out my new single “dinero” here:

Twitter @jonavaark

Instagram @thejonavark

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