Meet – Good & Sk @PNailia


Tell the people about yourself. 

Our Record Label is E.M.A.G. Records *Fun Fact* E.M.A.G. is Game spelled Backwards. It is a acronym for Everyday Men Achieving Greatness.

Group name is ParaFaNailia,

ParaFaNailia Consist of 2 Blood Brothers/Artists (Good & Sk)

Ages Good (42) and SK (36)

City we live in – Atlanta, GA

We grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Our parents alway listened to Michael Jackson, Janet, Prince, Ohio Players, Commodores, New Edition etc…Once Hip-Hop made its way to the Midwest, we were obsessed. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Slick Rick etc… Good always loved to write poetry and play with words once he was introduced to Hip-Hop. Sk started making beats at the age of 14 on the Playstation 1 game “MTV Music Generator”. That is when 2NYCE was born. 2NYCE was made up of Sk and Waxtrackz. 2NYCE started producing beat CDs, giving them out to friends and everyone around the hood. 2NYCE then wrote and produced an album called “U Gone Scratch This” and started performing around the city. They won a big show called the “Southside Showdown” they would go on to win the Showdown two years in a row.  Meanwhile, Good was running around the city with US Records. US Records had just dropped the hottest album in the city, “Soul Gritty”. Good then branched off on his own after seeing how ambitious his younger brother and friend Wax were at making music.  E.M.A.G. Records was Co-founded in 2002 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. E.M.A.G. collaborated with Funkatory Entertainment and dropped its debut album “Midwestology” featuring Snooky “The Young Vet” and Martelli. We would sell CDs out the trunks of their cars for $5 a pop.  E.M.A.G. then dropped Snooky “The Young Vet” solo project “Veterans Day”. 2NYCE followed that with a cd called “It” in 2006. We all moved down to Atlanta in 2008. Once in Atlanta, Snooky had a calling to be a Pastor. He moved to California and walked away from making secular music. Waxtrackz moved back to Fort Wayne after getting into some legal troubles in Atlanta. Which left Sk and Good to figure things out. Our love for music would not let us quit. We just leaned on each other during all the changes going on around us and ParaFaNailia was formed in 2012.

ParaFaNailia didn’t waste any time releasing music but now instead of CDs we had to adjust to the market as music streaming was taking over. We started to release a song every week on Soundcloud for two years. In 2018 we dropped our self titled debut album “ParaFaNailia”. We followed that up with “Positive Vibes Only” aka PVO. Both albums were produced solely by 2NYCE. We then came across a producer named Kofi Cooks and what started out just being an EP turned into our 3rd album “Satoshis”. Loving the reaction we received after dropping Satoshis we continued to work with Kofi Cooks and dropped our latest album “Cruise Control”.

We try to provide our listeners who we refer to as “The Tribe” with insight into our life and good game. We continue to tell our story through music. We come from a street environment but that is not something we choose to glorify. We have grown up and now want to help push Hip-Hop forward and give the next generations knowledge. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but one thing has always remained consistent for us, and that is our music!

Do you have any tips for artists?  

Never give up and Stay consistent

How long have you been making music? 

20 + years

What are your music goals? 

Goals in Music are to inspire and motivate others and To be pillars for our community and show the world it is ok being yourself.  We are all 1 of 1 and have a story to tell.

Who or what inspires you to create music? 

Our Family and Life inspires us.

We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 

No order








Kendrick Lamar


ParaFaNailia etc….

Where can people find your music?


Twitter @PNailia

IG @e.m.a.g.records

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