Meet – CodeineDCM @CodeineDCM 


Tell the people about yourself. 

Shiii, I’m 25 I grew up in south Nashville. I started rappin, freestylin w a couple of my homies around the age 15 16. Never really took it serious until recently. Hopped on a couple tracks just for fun, then thought maybe I could do something with it.

Do you have any tips for artists? 

I mean really just keep doing you. People always gonna have something to say, it’s on you to take it how you want. Don’t let the negativity get to you, because there’s definitely going to be a lot of it. You should always peep what people say, because some of it could actually help you.

How long have you been making music?

I been doin it for like 3 years now. I first started just playin around, then an artist that I did a song with told me he fuck with my sound. So I thought maybe I could take this some where. I started getting serious earlier this year, honestly.

What are your music goals? 

To be real just to try and get a lot of built up anger and pain out of me. I been through so much and I hope that some of my future music will help other people as well.

Who or what inspires you to create music? 

I wouldn’t say anyone inspired me to make music, it’s more of I just made music for only  me to listen to. Then I just said fuck it and dropped something and tried to see what would happen.

We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 

In my opinion, my top 5 artists of all time would be… Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tupac, Nas, and Biggie. My favorite right now would have to be… Lil Wayne, Youngboy, Polo G, Juice Wrld, and G Herbo

Where can people find your music?

Twitter @CodeineDCM

IG @Codeine_DCM

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