Meet – B!axkSunday @Blaxksunday 


Tell the people about yourself.

Hello world, i am him, ya boy B!axkSunday. I hail from 716, ColdSprings, The Rock Pile Buffalo,Ny. i started doing music when i was like thirteen, we would go to the homie Boobie P. (RIP) house

in the attic and just freestyle for hours. Boobie would smoke us all but that what got me motivated. i started recording music in 2015 when i met sevenson my producer at the time. I released the O Project in 2016 i believe. So after that i had some life stuff happen so i started making my beat and recording my own music. recently though i started buying beat from producers off twitter and IG boys like DJ Famgoon and i’ve been sitting on this cold beat by The Legion, i can’t wait to drop that joint. Right now i record with L.O.T.S (land of the snow) We just recorded “GOD FORBID” Produced by DJ Famgoon that joint drops on Halloween. right now i’m working with some different artists doing features, which is dope and that’s all thanks to “The Inner Circle” Anno Domini Nation they put a group of artists together that really support each other. i can’t forget i’m doing the Kris Kaliko  “don’t hesitate” Challenge on IG so look for my verse soon and vote, i want to go to KC so vote for me lol. Besides music, my team and I are rebooting our podcast “Bullshit University” and “The B!axkSunday Podcast.” we found found that we were in need of cutting so fat so, you know it is what it is, we wish them the best tho. Also i’m working on a new Ep. i’m not sure of a date yet i’m thinking new years but i may drop it sooner.

Do you have any tips for artists? 

Don’t stop dream chasing! it’s ok to look back to evolve but don’t get stuck.

and always remember talk yo shit.

and NEVER i mean Never compromise your art. it’s yours!

How long have you been making music?

Always. like from as early as i could remember getting yelled at for banging on tables, rapping over the music playing on tv and the radio. my mother was a big fan of hip hop, R&B, and soul.

What are your music goals? 

My goal are to just share my art and soul with the world. i really want to connect with people, like the connection uzi got with his fans is epic.

Who or what inspires you to create music? 

Life. like frfr, life, the shit i go through the shit i see.

family, my relationships.

We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists?

ooouuu weeee! lol i’m a big rick and morty fan i don’t know if you can tell lol. But ummm shit like all-time? or now? i’mma give you now… yea imma doing too 5 now

1) JCole

2) kendrick

3) lil Baby, Bull on fire

4) Benny the Butcher, Westside gun, Conway, 716 stand the fuck up!!

5) Kevin Gates

Where can people find your music?

Twitter @Blaxksunday
IG @Blaxksunday

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