Tell the people about yourself. 

I’m 28, born February 18th 1994. And I’m from Greenville, Michigan.

I come up from a big family. Three brothers, a sister, and my parents. At first glance my life seems simple, almost boring. So as I thought . My first two memories that come to mind as a kid, are being rolled into a rug to yell out my emotion. And being hit by a car in a parking lot when I was 3. Not in that order either. But many memories are fuzzy at best, because I suppressed anything dramatic. My biological father wasn’t around much because my parents split when I was 2. Though my father isn’t a bad person, he made some poor choices. So my time with him when younger, was limited. And even though I had a step-father, the connection just wasn’t there. So emotionally I wasn’t intact, and still I bottled it all in. Until it seemed to everyone else, and even myself, that I was fine. Economically speaking my family was in the working class, my mom worked two jobs for most of my life. She did that to make me feel I wasn’t missing out on anything. Because for all I knew we were well off. If it wasn’t for my moms automated response of “I’m so broke…” I would’ve never known. The 3 big things in my life growing up were 1) sports 2) video games 3) music
What each had in common were they are my ‘escape from reality’
Especially music, because nothing made me feel less empty than a quality song. That is because of how strongly I felt. I didn’t know this early on but if I were to put a label on it: im an empath w/ mirror touch synesthesia.
I’m also one of those people who picks up anything and becomes good very quickly, at whatever it is. Sports were my first ticket out. I had offers in football and basketball, but because I got in my own way. That path ended way earlier than anticipated. But when one path closes, the next opens.
I’ve been recording music for over 10 years now. It started with a mic the size of a French fry that plugged into my computer tower. Which led to a closet studio a few miles away. However challenges did present themselves every step of the way. The studio I went to ended up moving twice. Once only 10 mins away, the second time 2 hours away. But that didn’t stop me. There were many times I’d be driving home after staying up for 30 + hours. Sometimes I would have to pull off into a carpool parking lot so i wouldn’t endanger myself, or others. During this time I was in a relationship that completely drained me. And to an extent she didn’t want what I wanted, and vice versa. It got so bad that I stopped doing shows, and basically quit recording all together. But in the back of my mind I couldn’t let that happen. So I devised a idiotic plan to break up with her. But that I’ll go into further into detail in an in-person interview. At this point, post break up, I felt I had no other choice than to go all in on music. After watching a Russ interview where he said “ you might as well spend 2500$ on your own equipment. Than buying studio time “
Right then and there I bought my own equipment. Even to this day I don’t actually own my equipment…yet. But doing so allowed me to find my own sound, in a way I NEVER thought imaginable.
Recording myself led me to wanting to find outside production. Because of the way I learn I need someone to teach me in person. It has to do with how my sense’s stimulate my ability to learn. Which led me to work with a Music Award Nominee Katoonthetrack. He made a beat specifically for me, and I happened to write the song on spot.(within 3 hours) Which came out to be ,
 ‘PAINLOCKEDAWAY.’  That experience alone led me to the best advice I’ve ever gotten. “Don’t stop recording”
After working with a well known producer. I know I needed someone more on my level to want to eat with me. Then in comes ‘Darth Fader.’  Got a recommendation on Twitter by who now engineers my music, Stewart Tuttle, who runs The Altar Studios in LA. This is where all the production is made.
Though I have projects through other producers, and intend to connect with more and more. I feel that I found a great connection with Darth Fader. To where I get comparisons from Post Malone, to Russ, to Juice Wrld.(RIP)  when working on his beats.
2) Let You Go Like At A Funeral PROD
Darth Fader
3) My Complex Life PROD
Darth Fader
4) When I Don’t Talk So Much PROD
Darth Fader
5) This Time Around Feat Dontay PROD
Darth Fader
6) Somedays When Im Not Feeling Myself PROD Darth Fader (Releases Friday Aug 12th)
Do you have any tips for artists? 
1) Never stop making music
2) Buy your own equipment
3) Find people who are willing to invest their time not only money into making the dream come true
4) Connect with as many people as you can, BUT keep a closed circle around you. Who’s around you matters more than you think.
5) Whether you’re independent or want to get signed find a way to obtain a loan to finance your career.
6) Listen to “gut”
7) Listen to what others have to say to learn more about yourself
How long have you been making music?
10 + years. Started @ 7 years old with poetry
What are your music goals? 
To become the best version of myself so I can show others that they can do the exact same. I want to be signed by a MAJOR label, that will fit my every need to become great.
Then potentially run a label of my own. That picks out artists much sooner than any label before it.
Who or what inspires you to create music? 
From every one of the people in my life who has passed away. To my own life mistakes. It all motivates me to become the best I can be.
We had to ask… who are your top 5 artists? 
1) Drake (Marvin’s Room)
2) Wayne (You Ain’t Know)
3) Bryson Tiller(TenNineFourteen)
4) Jazz Cartier (Dead Or Alive)
5) Russ (The Formula)
Where can people find your music?
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